Thursday, June 13, 2013

Charge Entry And Payment Posting Solutions

Medical billing management services, gives you perfect platform to reduce your cost and Improved cash-flow. Our collaborative workflow tool, the information management system, enables you to monitor the flow of work. We can get the claims sent to payers faster, with less errors and at most lower costs

Few benefits of payment posting & charge entry:
Improved cash-flow
Faster Payments
Save up to 50% as compared to your existing costs
A daily log is update with data

Outsource Data Capture

Data Capture Services - Ideally suites to the all companies, large range of source material such as invoices, memos, surveys, reports, forms entry, data capture from vouchers, receipts, coupons etc, questionnaires, coupon redemptions, credit card applications, medical claims, patient records or any kind of sources. Which saves your time and tracking your sales, work & management.

Outsourcing reduce the cost & save the time!

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