Wednesday, February 12, 2014

Database Management & Data Processing Services

The data processing services have boomed ever since, owing to the increasing worthiness of the Internet. In simpler terms, data processing is a method wherein the data is converted from one format to another with precision, in a controlled manner. We too at SkyWebService, work with utter precision, keeping in lieu with our clients demands through a secure, scalable communication and computing system, ensuring privacy and security of the data along with a continued service.

Many of our other renowned and popular outsourcing services available are:

• Online & offline data entry
• Database management
• Data conversion
• Form Processing
• Insurance Claim Processing
• Check Processing
• Survey Processing
• Image Processing
• Credit Card Processing
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Get Benefited with Medical Billing Services

Build your practice: With our medical billing services and increase your patient base with no worries about your medicals.

Save up to 40% more: Outsourcing your medical billing helps you cut down on your additional staff and office infrastructure, thus help you save more

Retain knowledge: Even if your employees leave the practice, we keep your business and its knowledge intact with us, which helps in processing the claims on time without affecting your flow of revenue

Reduction in rejected claims: Our strict quality checkups are an assurance about the authenticity and accuracy level of claim processing.

Our Medical Billing Services include:

Claims Submission
Insurance Verification
Charge/Demographic Entry
Insurance Follow-up
Payment Posting
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